We are a trading company specializing in environmental technologies. The increasing demand for energy meeting the deminishing and unsecure supply is the core problem we want to offset in our targeted markets. Conserving energy with us is about saving money without compromizing performance. That is our goal, but minimizing the trade-off can be even as important.

Implementing some technologies prematurely can also work as a hedge against soaring energy prices. Value today is the estimated value of the future. Decisions targeting market evolution are about adapting to the future. This means that some technologies that are not viable today might be viable tomorrow and they represent an insurance against higher energy costs.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) with us is about providing marketing ground for Your company and being a pioneer building competance and contibuting to the development of new environmental technologies. Being an early adaptor might earn you some marketing benefits and also some skills in ounderstanding emerging technologies.

If you want access to the northern european markets, contact us and we can make it happen. We are covering: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK.





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